Rugby: A new beginning. Good or Bad?

It is a new year. 2016!!! In with the new and out with the old. Or something like that…

After a horrendous 2015 where our Bokke suffered that horrendous defeat against Japan in Brighton we South Africans pretty much want to forget 2015.

It was a pretty tough year. with the falling of the rand and #PaybackTheMoney or #FeesMustFall we lost against Australia and New Zealand twice including the Semi Final of the 2015 World Cup.

New Year with New Challenges

This is a new year with new challenges for our rugby. We have the Rio Olympics where rugby will be played for the first time in a long time. This is something new, because rugby sevens and not rugby Union will be played. Lets support our boytjies and hope they win the inaugural Olympics Sevens Gold.

We have a new Super 18 tournaments. Welcome to the teams from Japan, Argentina and the EP Kings from our shores. Badger hopes you will be happy and hope the men from the EP Kings sorts out their money matters. Lets look forward to some lekker running rugby and some new talent. Lets hope we can follow the new rules and pools because the old Badgers finds them confusing. Only time will tell I guess…

Revamped Currie Cup Competition

On the homefront we have a revamped Currie Cup Competition. Badger here doesn’t think this is the way to go. There are too many games and the competition is too long.

From April through to October we will play each other twice or more. Badger wonders why they make this so unfair. Money rules in the Professional era. It will be the weak vs the strong or moeny or no money.

Why did they have to take away the the Vodacom Cup. A breeding ground for future champs. In this competitions the weak sides like Steval Pumas have a change of winning and build confidence. Now they took it away from smaller unions to perform.

Two Rugby Teams

Big Super Rugby teams from South Africa will have two teams. One for the Currie Cup and the other one for the Super 18. Now what bothers Badger is that in August the Super 18 will be finished and all the Super Rugby players will report to the Currie cup team. Now is that fair? Badger doesn’t think so. All those players who played hard from the start will  have to make some space for the Supermen of the union so that they strengthen the team or boost them.

Looking forward to the Varcity Cup

Badger looks forward to the Varsity Cup. Badger has been following the competition for the last couple of years and he can honestly say every time he looks at a game he sees something else and he enjoys it tremendously. Lets hope for another epic final like Kovsies vs Pukke last year. It was a riot!

Let us all hope for the best and hold our thumbs because only time will If it will be a good or a bad year….

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